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Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club

26086 Bethel-Concord Rd. Seaford, DE 19973


Spread over 20+ acres we are hidden between Concord and Bethel just east of Seaford with over 15 different ranges for Pistols, RIfles, Shotguns, Trap, Steel and a full Archery practice range and maintained 3D course. We host many different public activities monthly ranging from Archery to Blackpowder to Trap shooting.

Public Events

Action Pistol/Steel Challenge - $5 - 3rd Sunday @ 8:30 AM - Action Pistol/Steel Range

Archery - $14 - 4th Sunday @ 8:30 AM - Clubhouse

Blackpowder - $5 - 1st and 3rd Saturday @ 10:00 AM - Police Range

D.L.E.M.A. - 2nd Saturday @ 9:00 AM - Police Range - $12.00 membership/$8.00 range fee

Indoor Range - $5 - Mondays @ 6:00 PM - Indoor Range (Winter Months Only)

Trap - $4/round - Wednesdays @ Dusk (Shoot under Lights) 

**** Please View NSC Calendar for Scheduled Events or Any Cancellations 


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Delaware State Sportmens Organization 2A Legislative Review for 2018

Delaware Gun Rights Organization nearly 20,000 strong

New organization founded early 2018, Delaware Gun Rights; they played key role defeating last session's anti gun bills. Please visit their web site to stay informed on next session anti gun legislation.

D.G.R. played a vital role defeating anti 2A Bills in Dover 2018 legislative session.



HB 302 Gun Access Bill Passes 2018 - Red Flag Law

Bill to Prevent Dangerous Individuals from Easy Access to Guns to be Signed Into Law
The General Assembly this week sent to Gov. John Carney a bill aimed at keeping guns and ammunition out of the hands of the mentally ill.
House Substitute 1 for House Bill 302 (as amended) cleared the House and Senate unanimously.
The measure, which will be signed into law next week, will establish protocols for removing easy access to firearms and ammunition for those individuals who have been identified as possibly posing a threat to themselves and others.
Among other things, the bill will do the following:
  • Compel mental health service providers to report to law enforcement officials when they believe a patient is an imminent threat to kill or seriously injure others.
  • Define the terms "dangerous to others" and "dangerous to self."
  • After receiving a report from a mental health provider, law-enforcement officers could investigate and seek from the Justice of the Peace Court an interim order for the subject to relinquish his or her firearms.
  • Require the Department of Justice to follow-up by filing a petition for continued relinquishment in Superior Court, and establishes deadlines.
  • Provide that individuals have the right to a hearing before Superior Court issues a relinquishment order.
  • As part of a relinquishment order, the courts could also require that an individual not reside in a home where firearms were kept.
  • Allow individuals subject to a relinquishment order to challenge it.
  • Provide a path for individuals previously required to relinquish their firearms to recover them if they can prove they no longer pose a danger to themselves and others.
  • Individuals who have a relinquishment order issued against them would have their names added to the list of those unable to legally purchase firearms.
The National Rifle Association and the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association support the bill's enactment.

D.S.S.A. wins law suit against DNREC over concealed carry in 2018



Delaware Supreme Court rules in favor of 2A Gun Rights in State Parks

Just reported by Delaware Stare Sportsmen Association; Delaware Supreme Court ruled 3 to 2 in favor of 2nd Gun Rights against DREC/Dept. of AG of long standing Regulation prohibiting concealed carry in State Parks/Forests.

Court Decision


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