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Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club

26086 Bethel-Concord Rd. Seaford, DE 19973

As of 3/23/20 Trap is Closed until further notice due to Covid19

Trap Range is closed do to State of Emergency as of 3/23/20 until further notice


Trap Shooting operates Wednesday's @ Dusk 


Due to un-favorable weather to operate trap range please check N.S.C. Calendar for possible closures on Wednesday's.

Sunday Trap has been discontinued 

Trap Range Helpers

The Trap Committee is seeking additional volunteers to help run the Trap program on Wednesday evenings.  Please visit Trap Range prior to dusk on Wednesday's evenings and ask for Lou.



Nanticoke Sportsmen’s Club is the only Trap range in Southern Delaware throwing clay targets for members that is also open to the public. NSC has (2) Trap fields throwing both 16 yard and handicap targets. Here you will find more specifics on what equipment is needed to participate, when to come and where to go and some general trap shooting information, photos and videos.


when to come:

Wednesday evenings under lights 

Registration begins: Wednesdays at Dusk 

We typically conclude: around 10PM on Wednesdays or when the last squad is done.


Where to go:

-Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club - Located at 26086 Bethel-Concord Rd. Seaford, DE and use the property map below to locate the Trap Range


what to bring:

Shotgun:  12 or 20 gauge preferred, Trap gun or favorite shotgun will do just fine

Chokes:  modified or full choke, 28”, 30” and longer barrels preferred

Shells:  2 ¾” 12 or 20 gauge, shot size 7 ½ or 8, bring your own shells, range does not sell shot shells

Targets: $4.00 per round of 25 targets


Shooters are required to follow all safety rules

Eye and Ear protection required.

Shotguns stowed on gun racks.

Shotgun actions remain opened when not shooting.

Muzzle of gun always pointed in safe direction.

Only load gun when shooting from station.

Do not walk to next shooting station with shell in the chamber,

Unload and reload when on next shooting station.

More Information on trap shooting:

Complete Listing of Trap Rules and Etiquette can be found here.

Excellent introduction to Trap Shooting and Terminology provided by Carney Rod and Gun Club.

For additional information and to subscribe to the email list please E-mail