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Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club

26086 Bethel-Concord Rd. Seaford, DE 19973

New Range and Safety Rules

Member and Guest General Range Conduct and Gate Rules


1:  Membership badges must be worn at all times when using the member ranges. Exception: Special activity events where sign in is required. If membership badge is not displayed, don’t take offense if questioned.  

2: Members are responsible for their guests. Guests are subject to follow N.S.C. Safety and Conduct rules.

3: No firearm is to be discharged before 9:00 AM

4: Eye and ear protection required on firearm ranges

5: Dispose of paper targets in trash barrels. Police ejected brass

6: Electronic North Gate can be left open for Chapter Meetings and approved special events. Gate must be closed after the event.

7: The South gate opened only for special events, functions and maintenance. Gate must be locked after the event.

8: Police Range and Action Pistol Ranges restricted to N.S.C. approved functions.

9: No firearms permitted on the archery range.

10: No brandishing of firearms in Club House, except with special permission from the BOD

11: No hunting on N.S.C. property

12: No .50 Caliber BMG (Browning machine gun) rifles permitted on firearm ranges

13: No alcoholic beverages consumed on N.S.C. property

14: Unauthorized persons found on N.S.C. property will be deemed trespassing. Call 911.


Rifle and Handgun Range Rules

1: Firearms must be unloaded and actions opened when transported to and from all ranges. Loading of magazines and loaders only at the ready line (range benches). Firearms are to be loaded only at the firing line. Do not leave loaded firearms unattended on the range benches.

2: When ordering a “Cease Fire”, communicate cease fire with all occupied range benches. When range is “cold” to go down range, firearms must be unloaded, actions must be open and magazines removed. Firearms are not to be handled for any reason while range is “Cold”. No exceptions.

When firearms are not in use: (1) Rifles must be stored on gun rack, actions opened, unloaded with magazine removed, (2) Handguns, unloaded, magazines removed, actions open on range table with muzzle pointed down range.

3: Rifles must be sighted in before using 150/200 yard lanes on rifle range # 4. All shooting must be from rifle bench only though the barricade opening. On the 150/200 yard range, the orange flag must be displayed when going down range to place/retrieve targets.

4: Do not place targets in front of target frame posts. On Rifle Range # 4, place paper targets between top and bottom 2x4 frames.

5: No shooting of any bottles, cans, clay pigeons or explosive targets (Tannerite) on the rifle and pistol ranges.

6: All member steel plates, steel targets and swinging steel targets must be placed in front of berms. Steel targets must be shot only from rifle range benches. Handgun steel targets must be minimum of 10 yards shooting distance on pistol ranges.

7: No shot shells permitted on (Pistol/Rifle) Ranges #1, # 3 and # 4. Designated shot shell pattern ranges is pattern board on Trap Range and Range # 2, equipped with ropes to hold target/patterning board.

8. N.S.C. Steel plates on Rifle Range # 4 are to be shot from rifle benches only. Caliber/Ammo restrictions on Steel plates on Rifle Range # 4 are as follows:

(1) The 50 yard rifle range steel plates are restricted to calibers .17/.22 rim fire rifle through .300 Blackout soft nose lead bullets.  

(2) The 75 yard and 100 yard steel plates are restricted to calibers .17/.22 rim fire rifle through .30 caliber soft nose lead bullets.

 (3) Restricted bottleneck rifle ammo; M1-Grand military M2 ball (30-06) steel core, 7.62x39 (AK) and 7.62x54R (Russian) military grade steel core bullets, all manufactures of caliber .223/5.56x45 M885/XM885 green tip bullets, Federal 5.56 NATO 62 grain Penetrator green tip, 7.62x51MM (308) penetrator tip, black tip/green tip/steel core military grade ammo, and all other rifle calibers of penetrator tip, black tip, green tip, red tip tracer and steel core metal case bullets not permitted on any steel plates. No Exceptions. (Special note) If magnet sticks to bullet its usually steel core.



Trap Range - Trap Shooting Rules

1: Trap shooting is an organized special activity. Trap machines are to be used by Trap Committee only.

2: Shotguns must be unloaded, actions opened when transported to and from vehicles.

3: Shotguns must be unloaded when walking from station to station. Shotguns are to be stored on Trap Range gun racks, unloaded and actions opened on Semi-autos and pumps.

4: Personal Trap throwers are permitted on the Trap Range only when other special activities are not occurring on the Police or Special Activity ranges, and, after verifying no one is down range.


Violations of the above rules may result in the loss of range privileges.

New Range Designations

New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

Member ranges from the Trap Range:

First pistol range is now Range # 1

Small Rifle Range with steel benches is now Range # 2 (shot shells permitted)

Next Pistol Range is now Range # 3

Rifle Range from 50 yard to 200 yards is now Range # 4 

 *** New signs are planned for range changes.

Range # 2 Target Posts completed

Range # 2 now ready for shooting activity; Rope and cardboard set up for 25 yard berm. We trying something new on 50 and 100 yard berms, using mud flaps for backboards instead of the hangers/cardboard. The mud flaps are rubber and will take staples to place targets. The seats on the metal shooting benches were also replaced to make it easier to get in and out of the benches

New Rifle and Pistol Range Target Boards & Rope for hanging targets

Range # 4 (rifle) has new posts and plywood, the posts and plywood backboard edges are painted orange so you can see them from the range benches. The upright 4x4 target posts are off-set 1 foot from the plywood to withstand bullet damage. So Please place your targets on the plywood on the inside of the orange lines so not to shoot the 2x4 cross hangers. Do not place targets on or against the 4x4 target posts. We hope with member/guests cooperation we'll only have to replace the plywood on the target posts in the future.  
Ranges # 1 and # 3 (pistol) new posts with rope, posts painted orange so don’t place targets on or against the posts. The new set up for the ropes, the right post rope is tied in a knot, if the rope breaks, there is enough length on the left post to pull through to the right post. Just unwrapped the rope, re-tie a knot on the right post and tie off the left post. If members run out of rope or if rope shot up beyond use notify the Range Committee as we have extra rope on site for replacement. New cardboard attached to new style hangers can be found under the range tables on range # 1 and # 3 (pistol) ranges.

New Cardboard Hangers for Targets

New cardboard hangers on Ranges #1, # 2 and # 3 can be found on the target ropes and attached to cardboard under the range tables. You can staple cardboard to the hangers for targets. These are much lighter and won't cause stress on the target ropes breaking the lines. The broken lines were repaired and heavier home made target frames removed. So please use club provided cardboard and hangers for targets.

Shotgun Shot Shell Patterning

Shotgun Patterning

In addition to patterning board on Trap Range. Shotgun Patterning with shot shells is now permitted on Ranges 2 with ropes to hold patterning paper.  No shot shells are permitted on Range # 1, # 3 (Pistol) and # 4 (Rifle Long Range). The “No Shot Shells beyond this point “sign will be moved to Range # 3.