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NRA ILA Delaware Pro 2A candidates for Nov. 3rd

Election Day is fast approaching and every effort to protect our 2nd Amendment is more important November 3rd than was 2016 election cycle.
Just an example last months Delaware primary, 3 moderate/liberal long standing New Castle County Democrats were un-seated by 3 new progressive Dems. Senator McBride, Chair of Exec. Committee hosting the 3 anti gun bills was one of those defeated to a more progressive Senator. We have to hold onto or gain a few seats in Delaware but that won't happen unless Pro 2nd Amendment supporters show up to vote.
Please visit NRA ILA - Delaware grades (link below) on Congressional and State Offices of Pro 2A candidates. Scroll down and Click on boxes US Senate, US House, Statewide, State Senate, State House for all candidates.

Have to VOTE for 2A supportors November 3rd

D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights

Special Thanks to Delaware State Sportsmen's Association (D.S.S.A) and Delaware Gun Rights (D.G.R.) for their staunch support of our 2A Gun Rights. Please support these organizations by becoming a member or donating to those who support us.