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Senate Bill # 3 and # 6 didn't pass 2021 Legislative session May 30th returns 2022 Legislative Session

Both Bills will be back on the agenda January 2022, while this is a short victory, we will have to continue our successful efforts next session with legislative Hall will be open to in house public debate that did not benefit our ranks this past session. 

Bills are stuck in Committee so far has not been released for House vote, if not then Bills die June 2022. 

New update on SB # 6 magazine ban Bill admended 6/23/21

This amendment seeks to simplify Senate Bill 6 by making changes to the definition of “large-capacity magazine” and criminalizing more harshly those persons who use a large-capacity magazine during the commission of a crime. This amendment creates the crime of possession of a large-capacity magazine during the commission of a felony which is class B felony with a penalty from 2-25 years in jail. For purposes of possession of a large-capacity magazine during the commission of a felony, “large-capacity magazine” is defined as an after-market magazine which increases the designed capacity of the standard magazine manufactured and sold by the manufacturer of the firearm in which it is used. This amendment also adds the crime of selling, purchasing, receiving, or transferring a large-capacity magazine, and makes the offense a class E felony. The definition of large-capacity magazine for selling, purchasing, receiving, or transferring a large capacity magazine is any magazine that exceeds 20 rounds of ammunition for a handgun and 30 rounds for a long gun.

DSSA You Tube on pending DE Gun Bills - click on link

Delaware 2A - 2021 Legislative News - March 28, 2021 - Action Needed

Two controversial gun-control measures were filed yesterday (3/25) in the State Senate.
Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth Lockman (D-Wilmington West), would require that Delawareans wishing to buy a handgun first obtain a “handgun qualified purchaser card.”
To get the card an individual would need to be finger-printed, undergo a criminal background check, and successfully complete a firearms training course.
The legislation mandates that the course contain 11 specific components, including firearms handling, live shooting exercises, suicide prevention, and methods for avoiding a criminal attack and managing violent confrontation.
The bill also calls for the state to maintain a searchable database of all handgun transactions that could be inspected "by any judge, justice of the peace, police officer, constable, or other peace officer … in furtherance of an open criminal investigation or during the course of a criminal prosecution.”
The state would not charge a fee for the card, but the applicant would be responsible for any costs associated with meeting the requirements to obtain one.
Individuals licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon would be exempt from the bill’s requirements.
Similar legislation was introduced in 2019, but died in the Senate Executive Committee.
Seven of the chamber's 21 members, including Senate President Pro Tem Dave Sokola (D-Newark), are sponsors or co-sponsors of the proposal, which is pending consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Sen. Sokola is the prime sponsor of the second measure, Senate Bill 6. Called the Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act of 2021, the measure would bar any firearm magazine with a capacity exceeding 17 rounds of ammunition.
If enacted, Delawareans possessing any magazines with capacities over the imposed cap would be required to turn them over to police in exchange for unspecified compensation through a program to be established and administered by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.
Citizens found in possession of barred magazines would face a class B misdemeanor for a first offense and a class E felony for a subsequent offense.
The law would take effect 60-days following its enactment. It is currently pending action in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Sen. Sokola sponsored a similar measure two years ago, which died without being considered by the Senate.  Eight senators are sponsors or co-sponsors of the latest incarnation of the proposal.

Talking Points on Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 6

Senate Bill 3 (Handgun Permit)

Handgun permit is free while finger printing and training class expenses will fall on the applicant, impacts economically disadvantaged. The process will be time consuming not allowing you to exercise your 2A rights under Delaware 2A clause of Constitution.

Your firearm will be entered into searchable data base with your identifying information, the Bill is written as a "Registration" scheme.

The permit will be required for each handgun purchase subject to over sight by Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security.

The State of Maryland has a similar HQL (Handgun Qualification License) since 2013 while law a biding citizens were forced to obtain the license the program has not succeeded to reduce crime. The program is a administrative road block for law abiding citizens to purchase handguns. Those States that required this form of permit/licensing scheme citizens were not able to purchase a handgun to protect themselves and family during the unrest that alarmed many Americans last year. Those that have applied for concealed carry permits know very well the process does take months for first time permit holders so how would this be any different. It should be noted those State's that use this type of system suspended the process during the pandemic so those seeking permits were unable to purchase handguns while the FBI instant check system remained operating.  

Another concern is when this permit scheme surfaced 2 years ago in Legislative Hall it including rifles and shotguns so beware those could be added to the permit system in the future.

Senate Bill 6 (Magazine restricted to 17 rounds)

While Delaware valid concealed carry permit holders are exempt, those that are not will have to turn in all their high cap magazines by June 30th, 2022. The Bill allocates $10.00 per magazine for compensation of the $15,000 funded program, subject to availability. Delaware citizens will be NOT be adequately compensation and then must purchase new lower capacity magazines to be lawful adding further burden to comply with the law.

The Bill stipulates magazines with a removable "bottom plate" apply to the law so removing the bottom plate and inserting a capacity block won't be allowed. So those that purchased "legal" magazines will NOT be able to salvage those devises.

In California, Duncan v. Becerra Federal Court found magazine ban unconstitutional, deprived citizens the right to defend themselves, their families and their homes.




Senate Bill 125 Ghost Gun BIll Passed

SB 3 & SB 6 passed the Senate 13 to 8

The next battle is in the House when Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 6 cross over  so the fight is not over.


House Committee passed SB 6 - (magazine cap ban)  pending House vote - contact your Representatives to oppose

D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights

Special Thanks to Delaware State Sportsmen's Association (D.S.S.A) and Delaware Gun Rights (D.G.R.) for their staunch support of our 2A Gun Rights. Please support these organizations by becoming a member or donating to those who support us.