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By John C. Sigler

NRA Past President

It is with great deal of pride and pleasure that I announce that my good friend and colleague, DSSA’s current president Jeffrey W. Hague, is now officially a candidate for election to the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association of America, Inc. The NRA’s Nominating Committee has just released its official list of nominees for the 2020 NRA Board Elections and our own DSSA President Jeff Hague was among those stalwart NRA Members chosen by the committee to help guide NRA through the rocks and shoals of the coming years as NRA continues it never-ending fight to protect and defend the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes. Jeff’s bid to become just the third person from Delaware to be elected to the NRA Board of Directors in the 148 year history of NRA will begin with the arrival of the Ballot Edition of the NRA Official Journals at the homes of NRA voting members sometime near the end of January of next year.

DSSA President Jeff Hague addresses the crowd at Second Amendment Rally

Jeff Hague is a Benefactor Member of the NRA and a Life Member of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association. He is an influential Second Amendment grassroots activist who has dedicated a lifetime to fighting for our rights.

Jeff is also a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of local papers, taking on the anti-gun crowd, calling them to task for their far-too frequent lies, ensuring that the truth about gun owners and hunters is well represented in the public discourse. He is also a frequent radio commentator who has repeatedly and successfully called the gun-grabbers to task and ensured that the truth is being told to the otherwise uneducated public.

Jeff is an accomplished competitive shooter, having engaged in High Power Rifle competition for over 40 years. Jeff holds High Master classifications in Conventional High Power ("across the course"), Mid-Range, Long Range and NRA International Fullbore Rifle. He is also a member of the United States Rifle Team (Palma Veteran).

Mr. Hague is a fourth-generation volunteer firefighter who was instrumental in introducing his son and grandson to the concept of volunteer public service ensuring that the fifth and sixth generations of the Hague Family will continue the tradition of being volunteer firefighters here in the First State.

Jeff Hague holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Delaware and a Masters Degree from Salisbury State University. He is retired from service as Delaware’s Regulatory Registrar and is the owner of a successful legislative and regulatory consulting firm.

Most importantly, Jeff Hague is a successful state-level, pro-Second Amendment lobbyist who has helped to pass a long list of pro-gun, pro-hunting measures in the Delaware General Assembly and has been highly effective in helping to defeat a long list of anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom measures touted by some of Delaware’s most ardent gun-grabbers.

Under Jeff’s leadership as our DSSA president, the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association has grown to an all-time high membership of over 3,500 pro-gun and pro-hunting enthusiasts all of whom are now united in the fight to keep the First State free.

I am excited by the thought that my friend Jeff Hague may soon become a member of the NRA Board of Directors. Jeff is exactly the kind of highly motivated, highly educated individual we need on the NRA Board. His dedication to the Second Amendment coupled with his common sense, business judgment, education and life-long history as a competitive shooter and pro-gun grassroots activist is exactly the kind of "down-to-earth" person we need to help NRA fight against those who would destroy NRA and to defend America against those who would deny you your God-given ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2019 VOLUME 35, NUMBER 6 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2019

rights of self-defense and to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes.

I look forward to the day when, with your help and support, Jeff Hague will follow in the footsteps of the late John Thompson and sit with me on the NRA Board of Directors.

Delaware needs the NRA, and the NRA needs Jeff Hague.

Seanate Bills 68, 70 and 82 still in Committee for next session so its NOT over

Anti gun Senate Bill 68 (semi auto ban), Senate Bill 70 (magazine limit ban), and Senate Bill 82 (Handgun License scheme) never voted on in Senate Committee so they are still alive for action next legislative session.

Legislative Session ended in Dover June 30th 2019 only SB 107 passed

We currently have three good gun bills floating around Leg Hall. I have included the bill number and synopsis of each bill with my comments in parenthesis below.  We should contact our legislators to let them know that we are in favor of bills that would increase or better our rights as Citizens of Delaware.

SB100:  passed out of Senate committee on Bills merits but never made it to roll call vote
This Act revises the shot and pellet size that is permitted for BB and air guns by increasing and defining the limit by an actual size. This Act also makes technical corrections to conform existing law to the standards of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual. (increases allowable pellet size to .25 caliber from current .177 (BB).)

SB107: Passed Senate and House, waiting Gov. signature
This bill changes the standard of proof necessary to issue a civil gun relinquishment order from the Justice of the Peace Court. The preponderance of the evidence standard is the standard traditionally used in civil matters and is, therefore, appropriate here. This also makes the standard consistent with that required for a Lethal Violence Protective Order, which is highly similar in nature. 

(The lawyer types tell me that this is a stricter standard and also one that is more appropriate for a civil action and better understood by the judges adjudicating these cases)

SB155: passed out of Senate committee on Bills merits but never made it to roll call vote
Act narrows the meaning of “firearm” for purposes of the Delaware Criminal Code by aligning the definition of “firearm” with the definition in federal criminal background check law. “Firearm” was defined in the Criminal Code for the first time in 1983 by Senate Bill No. 13, as amended, 132nd General Assembly, 64 Del. Laws, c. 17 (“Senate Bill No. 13”). Senate Bill No. 13 defined “firearm” to include “any weapon from which a shot, projectile or other object may be discharged by force of combustion, explosive, gas and/or mechanical means, whether operable or inoperable. It does not include a BB gun.” This definition is substantially the same as the definition for “firearm” in the Delaware Criminal Code today. During the Senate floor debate on Senate Bill No. 13, Senator Berndt noted the expansive nature of the definition due to the inclusion of “by . . . mechanical means,” which he noted meant that the definition would include cross bows and slingshots. Because of Senate Bill No. 13’s placement of “firearm” in the general definition section for the Delaware Criminal Code, the definition applied throughout the Delaware Code. When the Delaware Criminal Code was adopted in 1972 there were 9 mentions of “firearm” in the Delaware Criminal Code. Today, there are 194 mentions of “firearm” in the Delaware Criminal Code (Part I of Title 11). As the number of mentions of “firearm” has increased, it has done so with the definition of “firearm” as a backdrop, meaning that these new mentions have intentionally or unintentionally adopted the definition of “firearm.” Research reveals no other state with a similar definition of “firearm” in its laws. While at least 2 states had previously had a similar definition, those definitions were removed by their legislatures in 2015. In 1 of those states, Michigan, legislative history indicates the definition was changed as part of the state’s efforts to align its definitions of firearms with the definition found in federal law governing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the system through which criminal history checks are performed. For purposes of NICS, firearm is defined to mean as follows: “(A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or (D) any destructive device. Such term does not include an antique firearm.” See 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3).

(Delaware’s firearm definition is different than the federal definition and that of the other 49 states.  It currently is written in such a way that crossbows, airbows, slingshots, airsoft guns, pumpkin cannons etc meet the definition of firearms.)

Legislative News - New Update on status of Senate Bills 68, 70 & 82 -

Monday May 13, Update -

Senator Townsend didn't waste any time reintroducing his Assault Weapons Ban  (MD FSA/CT/MA/CA combo language)  Senate Bill 68 re-filed May 9th. DSSA is keeping a eye on the Bill while all believe it will not move forward for a committee hearing.



Dems are also planning to submit a bill to outlaw (ghost guns) building own guns, printing them, or purchasing/possessing 80% lowersers.



Tuesday May 14th 2019 update

Its official Senate Bills 68, 70 and 82 are Dead in the Senate Executive Committee

as they don't have the votes to pass out of the committee to the Senate floor

for voting. This is the second year these Bills were defeated as we have other Bills in play 

before the session ends 6/30/19. Mom's Demand Action (MDA) have pledged to

continue to fight for their passage.



(Just as a reminder, you are receiving this Alert because you have asked to be informed)
May 9, 2019
Hundreds of freedom-loving Constitutional Activists responded to Legislative Hall in opposition to the
Carney-Townsend Gun Ban Trifecta - Senate Bills 68, 70 & 82.
Good Job! Thanks for being there! Your participation was very important.
Although only a fraction of the 100+ were allowed to speak, the message was clear - LEAVE US ALONE!
Now it's time to keep the heat on - don't let up - let your voices be heard!
At the end of the hearing, the Executive Committee did not release any of the three bills - we still have work to do!
1.SB 68 -  Semi-Auto Ban  - would outlaw thousands upon thousands of semi-auto rifles, pistols and shotguns owned by 10's of thousands of law-abiding Delawareans - including America's favorite rifle the Colt AR-15 and many pistols used by thousands of Delaware home-owners as home and personal defense firearms. Unlike SB 163, this bill contains a registration provision.
The Synopsis of SB 68 is full of lies, half-truths and falsifications - all designed to make your Senators and Representatives believe that it is both necessary and constitutional. They know better. 
2. SB 82 - The Permit to Purchase Bill  - not only requires a permit to purchase a firearm it also creates a 30 day waiting period, a buyer registration database and a firearm database for each and every firearm purchased - and many other draconian, unreasonable and unnecessary requirements - very similar to the system used in Connecticut.It is also discriminatory economically and socially. 
SB 82 is discriminatory. These permits and the process to get the permits are not free - they will adversely impact the poor who will thus be deprived of their right to defend themselves, their homes and their families - 
3. SB 70 - The Ban on Standard Capacity Magazines limits magazine capacity to 15 rounds and contains a confiscation provision. Like SB 69, this bill will adversely impact the poor by rendering existing firearms useless by outlawing the standard capacity magazine that originally came with the firearm when legally sold to the buyer. 
SB 68 and SB 70  and SB 82
Contact the Senators on the Committee today and politely ask them to keep these bills in Committee.
Senator Harris B. McDowell (D) SD#1- 302-744-4286 -
Senator Catherine Cloutier (R) SD#5 - 302-744-4048
Senator Bryan Townsend (D) SD#11 - 302-744-4286
Senator Nicole Poore (D) SD#12 - 302-744-4286
Senator David B. McBride (D) SD#13 - 302-744-4286
Senator Gerald W. Hocker (R) SD#20 - 302-744-4048
You can locate your legislator at the General Assembly's main web page:
(Look in upper right corner of the page under "Who is My Legislator"
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network
Look for this Action Alert Network to keep you informed as this issue progresses.  
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network
May 3, 2019 Update
Senate Bill 68
click on Bill # for detail
Senate Bill 82
click on Bill # for detail 
Everyone must get a permit to purchase!
Senate Bill 70
click above Bill # for detail
MAGAZINE BAN 15 rounds, no exceptions for off-duty law enforcement, military

Legislative News - lesson from Maryland on DE pending anti-gun bills

An "Op Ed" from Capital Gazette newspaper, Annapolis, MD, they were involve in a mass shooting last year. The writer puts the efforts of "Mom's Demand Action" in perspective, goals to demonize gun owners/control guns. Maryland assault weapons ban of 2013 and Handgun Qualification License has failed to reduce crime, which has increased since enacted October 2013. Our Legislators should take notice and learn from Maryland's Gun Control measures lead by Mom's Demand Action failed in General Assembly 2019.

Legislative News - Senate Bills 68, senate Bill 69 & Senate Bill 70

SB 68 - Text of Bill has listing firearms to be banned

Text of SB 69 - Handgun Permit scheme

Text of SB 70 - 15 round Magazine limit/Magazine Ban

News Flash - Delaware State Sportsmen's Association talking points for legislators on above Bills ( S.B. 68, S.B. 69 and S.B. 70)



  1. Your name, address and other personal identifying information will be collected on a permanent basis by the Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security during the permit application process – potentially subject to discovery by the press, employers, insurance companies, landlords, political opponents and the general public.


  2. Your firearms will be entered in a permanent “searchable database” along with your identifying information.


  3. You must bear the expense of a time-consuming, complex training course every two years


  4. You must obtain a separate permit for every handgun you purchase


  5. You must obtain a separate permit for long gunsevery three years


  6. You must be fingerprinted every time you get a new permit (see #4 & 5, above)


  7. You must submit to a new investigation by Department of Safety and Homeland Security every time you apply for either a handgun purchase permit or a long gun purchase permit ( see #4 & #5, above)


  8. Only citizens can get a permit – green card holders and other legal aliens will become “prohibited persons” in Delaware, contrary to federal law.


  9. Permitting process adversely impacts the poor and economically disadvantagedand is, therefore, racist


  10. You may wait 30 days, or more to get a permit – either handgun or long gun – meaning you cannot defend yourself, home or family during those 30 days - and that the item you wish to purchase may be sold to someone else.


  11. No exceptions for individual law enforcement officers, current or retired, or for their families, federal law enforcement or military.




    SB 69 will do nothing to prevent crime or violence, will adversely impact the poor and disadvantaged, is racist in its application and impact, and violates multiple sections of both Delaware’s Bill of Rights and the United States Bill of Rights.


    SB 69 represents both bad policy and bad law.





  1. All of your standard capacity magazines in excess of 15 rounds will immediately become contraband subject to forfeiture and seizure – applies to handguns, rifles and shotguns.


  2. No exceptions for off-duty law enforcement officers, off-duty members of federal law enforcement or off duty military and National Guard.


  3. Racist – adverse impact upon poor and economically disadvantaged by rendering currently owned firearms originally sold with standard capacity magazines larger than 15 rounds useless, denying them the right of self-defense and/or forcing them to purchase after-market magazines that comply with SB 68’s new mandate.


  4. $10 “government purchase price” for existing magazines illusory and far from fair–

  5. $10 equals a mere fraction of the original price of a standard capacity magazine

  6. $15,000 is woefully inadequate for government to pay for all of the standard magazines privately owned in Delaware today.

  7. There were nearly 48,000 NICS check last year in Delaware, alone

  8. Funding is subject to availability – which means it probably won’t be there when needed.


  9. Shooter at Parkland, Florida High School used only 10 round rifle magazines – nothing larger


  10. 15 round limit arbitrary and capricious – no empirical evidence that such a limit would have any effect on crime or violence - see Parkland shooter (# 5, above)


  11. Arbitrary 15 round limit adversely impacts ability of law-abiding citizen to defend self, family & home and violates Article I Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution – also see Duncan v. Becerra, below.


  12. In Duncan v. Becerra federal court found California’s ban (10 rounds) deprived citizens of the right to defend themselves, their families and their homes in violation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, applying both the Heller decision’s tests and the Supreme Court’s test in Miller, as that ban applied to rifles that might be used by the citizenry in defense of the country.


  13. Duncan court noted that the Glock 17 with its standard 17 round magazine is the most popular and widely used handgun for home and self- defense in America today.








  1. Bans the private acquisition, sale, and purchase of a long list of popular sporting and self-defense rifles, pistols and shotguns after the law goes into effect – including America’s most popular and commonly owned rifle – the AR-15.


  2. Robs you of the fair market value of your listed firearm - You will not be able to sell your banned rifle, pistol or shotgun – robbing you of the resale value.


  3. You must register all currently existing banned firearms owned prior to passage of the law. (See “searchable database” in SB 69)


  4. Your name, address and other identifying information and information about your firearms will be part of the registration process – possibly endangering your right to privacy.


  5. You will not be able to buy one of these sporting or self-defense firearms after enactment of this bill.


  6. You will not be able to bring a banned firearm into the state – you can take it out, but you can’t bring it back.


  7. Merchants are banned from bringing any of these firearms into the state except to sell to government agencies.


  8. Deprives you of the ability to defend yourself, your family, your home and your state with any of these commonly owned sporting arms – unless you own them now and register them with the government.


  9. Deprives you of your rights under Article I Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution


  10. Deprives you of your rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution


  11. A Clinton Justice Department study proved that a similar ban (known as the Clinton Gun Ban) had no effect on crime or violence. Obama-era NIJ study reached same conclusion.


  12. There is no empirical evidence that the ban this gun ban will have any effect, whatsoever, on crime or violence.


  13. Individual law enforcement officers and their families are subject to this ban – no meaningful exceptions.




  14. They believe that SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 all clearly and severely infringe upon their God-given right to defend themselves, their families & their homes – and they know that these anti-gun zealots know it too, but just don’t care.


  15. They believe that SB 68, SB 69, & SB 70 will do nothing to stop crime, reduce violence or make our communities safer – they know it, and they know that these anti-gun zealots know it too, but just don’t care.


  16. They know that criminals and the mentally ill will uniformly ignore and disobey SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 – and they know that these anti-gun zealots know that too, but just don’t care.


  17. They view SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 as a personal insult to them and their integrity as law-abiding citizens.


  18. They view SB 68, SB 69 and SB 70 as a collective insult to our history, our culture and our heritage, and to the constitutional principles upon which this country and our State were founded.


  19. They are offended because they see both SB 69 and SB 70 as having racist overtones as the result of their disproportionate adverse economic impact on the poor.


  20. They view SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 as a blatant betrayal of them, personally, and a clear betrayal of their trust in their elected officials and in their government


  21. They view SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 as examples of power-hungry politicians ignoring their oaths of office and betraying the people they have sworn to represent.


  22. They know that SB 68, SB 69 and SB 70 clearly violate multiple sections of Delaware’s Bill of Rights and the United States Bill of Rights and they no longer entirely trust our courts to protect those rights.


  23. Likewise, they know that SB 68, SB 69 and SB 70 are patently unconstitutional on multiple levels and they know that many legislators know that too, but just don’t care.


  24. They know that a government that does not trust its people is a government that cannot be trusted by its people and that SB 68, SB 69 & SB 70 stand as clear and undeniable evidence that at least some within our government do not trust the people they were elected to serve.


  25. They fear the advent of an oppressive government that may someday use SB 68, SB 69 and SB 70 as tools of oppression and they view these and similar measures as the foundation upon which a future oppressive dictatorship might one day be built.


Click on link below: see top right on page find your Legislator, input address for your Senator name/contact info to oppose S..B. 68, S.B. 69 & S.B. 70
Please read: While these Bills are unsettling; D.S.S.A. stressed at the meeting we attended to be professional and polite communicating with Legislators. We must achieve open dialog now and for the future. Our ranks have earned a excellent reputation in Legislative Hall and contributes to our success.

Legislative News - Delaware State Sportsmens Association Legislative News

click on below links:

NRA-ILA  action alert:  click link below, top right, fill out form, click next, opposition E-mail will be sent to your Senator.


Delaware Gun Rights (DGR) rally @ Legislative Mall last Wednesday was a grand success with over 500 attendees. Delaware Gun Owners stood tall opposing Moms Demand Action anti gun organization and Legislative Sponsors for Press coverage.


Legislative News - (4/19) H. B. 63 - Firearms Storage Bill

Legislative Alerts
Senate Approved H.B. 63 with amendments, Bill returns to House for concurrence of Amendments, if House does not concur, H. B. 63 returns to Senate.
News Flash - HB 63 amended on April 12th -  much improvement from original bill language, waiting to hear the revised Bill acceptable to gun owners.
This Amendment removes the burden placed on a person to prove an affirmative defense and instead requires the State to prove all of the following apply: (1) A firearm was not stored in a locked box or container, disabled with a tamper-resistant trigger lock which was properly engaged so as to render the firearm inoperable by a person other than the owner or other lawfully-authorized user. (2) A firearm was not stored in a location which a reasonable person would have believed to be secure from access by an unauthorized person. (3) An unauthorized person did not obtain the firearm as the result of an unlawful entry by any person.
H.B. 63 Bill detail (original version) Amendments added April 12th

Legislative News - D.S.S.A. meeting & NRA Grassroots meeting

Delaware State Sportsmen's Association (D.S.S.A.) hosted a meeting last week with Delaware shooting clubs discussing pending legislation, NSC was also in attendance.
D.S.S.A. is the NRA affiliate in Delaware and our 2A lobbyist.
D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights are working jointly to effectively oppose current and future anti gun legislation. D.S.S.A./D.G.R. 
will notify clubs to cascade information to members to take action to inform their legislative representatives in Dover. Just an example, last year's assault weapons ban, individual legislators had 4000 voice mails so our influence is not taken for granted and can defeat these anti 2A bills but we must do our share.
Delaware State Sportsmen's Assoc
Delaware Gun Rights

NRA-ILA Frontlines Grassroots Program meeting was held in Georgetown to organize NRA members, shooting clubs and 2A supporters to oppose current and reintroduction of last years anti gun legislation. NSC, Bridgeville, D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights members were in attendance. Mark Galey from NRA-ILA provided powerpoint presentation and open group discussion how to effectively contact your legislators. State Senator Brian Pettyjohn, Dist.19 also attended speaking to the group best methods to contact legislators in Dover.

Last years gun bills will be coming back before the session ends. NSC plans to provide legislative information through the new E-mail service to help members contact and express their constituent views on these bills.

The Senator commented every effort  must be taken as pro-2A seats were lost last November



Legislative News - Delaware Gun Rights founded

Delaware State Sportmens Organization 2A Legislative Review for 2018

Delaware Gun Rights Organization nearly 20,000 strong

New organization founded early 2018, Delaware Gun Rights; they played key role defeating last session's anti gun bills. Please visit their web site to stay informed on next session anti gun legislation.

D.G.R. played a vital role defeating anti 2A Bills in Dover 2018 legislative session.



HB 302 Gun Access Bill Passes 2018 - Red Flag Law

Bill to Prevent Dangerous Individuals from Easy Access to Guns to be Signed Into Law
The General Assembly this week sent to Gov. John Carney a bill aimed at keeping guns and ammunition out of the hands of the mentally ill.
House Substitute 1 for House Bill 302 (as amended) cleared the House and Senate unanimously.
The measure, which will be signed into law next week, will establish protocols for removing easy access to firearms and ammunition for those individuals who have been identified as possibly posing a threat to themselves and others.
Among other things, the bill will do the following:
  • Compel mental health service providers to report to law enforcement officials when they believe a patient is an imminent threat to kill or seriously injure others.
  • Define the terms "dangerous to others" and "dangerous to self."
  • After receiving a report from a mental health provider, law-enforcement officers could investigate and seek from the Justice of the Peace Court an interim order for the subject to relinquish his or her firearms.
  • Require the Department of Justice to follow-up by filing a petition for continued relinquishment in Superior Court, and establishes deadlines.
  • Provide that individuals have the right to a hearing before Superior Court issues a relinquishment order.
  • As part of a relinquishment order, the courts could also require that an individual not reside in a home where firearms were kept.
  • Allow individuals subject to a relinquishment order to challenge it.
  • Provide a path for individuals previously required to relinquish their firearms to recover them if they can prove they no longer pose a danger to themselves and others.
  • Individuals who have a relinquishment order issued against them would have their names added to the list of those unable to legally purchase firearms.
The National Rifle Association and the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association support the bill's enactment.

D.S.S.A. wins law suit against DNREC over concealed carry in 2018



Delaware Supreme Court rules in favor of 2A Gun Rights in State Parks

Just reported by Delaware Stare Sportsmen Association; Delaware Supreme Court ruled 3 to 2 in favor of 2nd Gun Rights against DREC/Dept. of AG of long standing Regulation prohibiting concealed carry in State Parks/Forests.

Court Decision

Legislative News - under construction

Legislative News - under construction

D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights

Special Thanks to Delaware State Sportsmen's Association (D.S.S.A) and Delaware Gun Rights (D.G.R.) for their staunch support of our 2A Gun Rights. Please support these organizations by becoming a member or donating to those who support us.