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D.S.S.A. Action Alert **** urgent

They’re Back – Almost!
The Delaware General Assembly is currently scheduled to meet again beginning on May 26, 2020 – not in Legislative Hall the way they are supposed to – but “Virtually” – electronically, if you will. The details on how they intend to do this are contained in a Memorandum dated May 14, 2020 signed by the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. A copy of that Memorandum may be found here.
That’s right – they won’t be in Legislative Hall – and neither will you, or anyone else. No one will be able to meet with their Senator or Representative and no one will be able to Rally at Legislative Hall in support of or opposition to what they are doing – but they will be doing things. Among the items they may take up are all of the things we – you included – have fought so hard to stop.
We have spoken to our attorneys and to other constitutional scholars and they tell us that what these legislative leaders are doing is “constitutionally suspect,” at best. They tell us that anything that’s done during this so-called virtual session is subject to challenge, and you can rest assured that if any part of the Carney/Townsend Gun Ban Trifecta passes, your DSSA will most definitely challenge those measures in court.
But let’s do our best to make sure that a court challenge isn’t necessary – You can help.
Call your Senator and your Representative Today!
Tell them to
 You can locate your legislator at the General Assembly's main web page:
(Look in upper right corner of the page under "Who is My Legislator"
May 26, 2020 at 2 pm.
The first thing on the agenda in both the House and the Senate when they hold the first “virtual meetings” of the Delaware General Assembly will be the passage of a Resolution giving themselves the power to act – the power to make history, if you will.
That May 14th Memorandum says they “are prevented to meet” – but that’s not true – they could meet if they wanted to meet. Both Chambers are physically capable of accommodating “social distancing”; they can all wear masks and gloves; they can all fit into their respective Chambers; and they can all drive to Dover – nothing is stopping them.
The Delaware Constitution says they can only do something like this if it is “impracticable” to meet at Legislative Hall, or if there would be “undue delay.” Impracticable essentially means “impossible” – and it’s not. And the only delay is the one they are creating.
As our lawyers and constitutional scholars have told us – anything done during these so-called “virtual sessions” is, at best, constitutionally suspect. Let’s hope that they see the light, respect our rights, and leave our guns and our freedom alone.
Because if they don’t, DSSA will have no choice but to challenge them in court - and no one wants to go to court.
Your Help is Needed!
CALL your Senator and your Representative TODAY!
They’re at home in their districts, they shouldn’t be too hard to find.
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network
Look for this Action Alert Network to keep you informed as this issue progresses.  
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network

News Update

Mon, Apr 6, 2020 11:30 am
Delaware State Sportsmen's Association ( Details
  • Item #1: First and foremost your DSSA Leadership hopes and prays for your health and encourages you and your family to be responsible, take care of yourself and your family, and follow the guidelines set forth by President Trump, Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force.
  • Item #2: By now you aware that your State Government has seized upon this very real health emergency to attack your rights and to weaken our constitution, and so have many of our anti-gun enemies on the far left. But you may rest assured that both your DSSA and your NRA are standing guard and doing our best, with your help and the help of others, to ensure that your fundamental rights are protected. When Governor Carney first instituted his ban on gun shops as part of his initial emergency order, the response from your DSSA was swift, decisive and uncompromising – and for the most part successful. DSSA immediately retained legal counsel to assist gun shop owners in their efforts to remain open. Our lobbyists immediately contacted the Governor’s office and key legislators to object to the Governor’s blatantly unconstitutional attempt to bankrupt gun shops, and as a result of those efforts the Governor rescinded his total ban, allowing gun shops to reopen, but with blatantly unreasonable and constitutionally suspect restrictions. As this is being written, legal experts are hard at work to determine the next steps to be taken. Let there be no mistake, Governor Carney’s ban on gun shops and his unwillingness to follow the President’s lead by declaring gun shops to be essential businesses, is being driven by his allies and financed by Bloomberg’s Everytown crowd of anti-gunners. This is nothing short of the Governor and his cronies getting even with Delaware’s gun shops and Delaware’s gun owners for standing up to him and his anti-gun “Trifecta of gun ban bills in the General Assembly – that’s all it is, pure and simple. It is still entirely possible that legal action will be required to rectify this very sad situation – and if it is, DSSA will be there along with NRA to join the battle in court to protect the Second Amendment and your rights to lawfully and responsibly keep and bear arms.
  • Item #2. Your NRA has been working diligently with the Office of the President and key members of Congress to address issues here in Delaware and throughout the country. They have helped us here in Delaware, filed suit in California and elsewhere, and supported court actions in PA. and several other states fighting anti-gun measures inspired by those who would use this pandemic to strip you of your rights.
  • Item #3. On the federal front, Congress is currently in recess, but that could easily change and NRA-ILA is tracking and fighting against a long list of anti-gun measures currently pending in the Senate, including Senator Warren’s “Gun Violence Prevention & Community Safety Act of 2020, a gun ban bill that makes Se. Diane Feinstein’s semi-auto ban bill seem mild by comparison. At the same time, Bloomberg’s Everytown group and others inspired and funded by him are raising money and advocating here in Delaware and elsewhere in support of Governor Carney’s attempt to drive gun shops into bankruptcy. DSSA and NRA are watching these developments and doing everything possible to stop these cynical efforts to take advantage of the wide-spread fear that this pandemic has caused.
  • Item #4. Now is the time for you to write, email and call your legislators and the Governor to tell them that we still have a Constitution and that we expect them to protect our rights – not trample them in the name of public health safety.
This pandemic will end in the near future and we will then move toward returning to normal. This is not the "new normal". Stay strong and remember what Benjamin Franklin said;
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
P.O. BOX 94, LINCOLN, DE 19960 -

"Ghost Gun" Bill being introduced again for 2020 Legislative session

As soon as we receive language will post it here .......................

Bill re-scheduled for March 2020 - possible pending amendments by Sponsor for "grandfather clause".

  House Bill 277- 150th General Assembly

       Bill Progress

       Out of Committee 1/22/20
        Legislation has been voted out of Committee; now placed on the Ready List.

New House Concurrent Resolution 77 for 2020, Nics (instant check system) to DICS (Delaware instant check system)

I view this Bill could be a problem in the future if passed allowing State to resume instant check system. A Corvid19 Virus warning, some of the current States that use their own NICS system  are 10 + days behind and one State shut down their system to stop the panic buying of firearms and ammo. We DO NOT want either of these situations to plague Delaware.


State Sen. Gerald Hocker, R-Ocean View, announced plans to draft legislation that would bring control of firearms background checks back to the state.

The Firearm Transaction Approval Process, located under the State Bureau of Identification (SBI), a division of the Delaware State Police (DSP), was in operation until 2011. In that year, control was handed over to the federal government.

Under the proposed legislation, the program would be reinstated, placing the State Police as the point of contact for all firearm transactions.

I am currently drafting legislation with House Majority Whip Larry Mitchell to create a short-term study committee to review the plan. Following the review, full legislation will be brought forward to complete the reinstatement,” Hocker stated.

“Bringing these decisions and this process back to Delaware will make a clear difference. The evidence shows that this is the right approach, as does my experience as a licensed firearms dealer. Too many times under the old FTAP, I saw the federal background check approve purchasers that the State Police denied,” Hocker added.

According to Hocker, a 2008 analysis of moving background checks to the local level is associated with reduced firearm death rates. One analysis reported a 27 percent lower firearm suicide rate and a 22 percent lower homicide rate associated with local-level background checks.

Twenty-one states use a state or local point of contact to conduct background checks for some or all of its firearm transfers.

Thirteen states use a state or local point of contact for all firearm background checks: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. Eight states use a state or local point of contact for handgun background checks only: Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Washington, and Wisconsin.



Help spread the word on Anti-Guns Bills

If you have family and friends that are not NSC members PLEASE forward them the link to our web site or this section so we can inform all gun owners to be aware of pending legislation and to take action.

Legislative Alert from D.S.S.A. 1/12/20

(Just as a reminder, you are receiving this Alert because you have asked to be informed)
The 2020 Session of the 150th Delaware General Assembly Opens Tuesday, January 14th 
Last year hundreds of freedom-loving Constitutional Activists responded to Legislative Hall in opposition to the
Carney-Townsend Gun Ban Trifecta - Senate Bills 68, 70 & 82.
The message was clear - LEAVE US ALONE!
Now it's time to keep the heat on - don't let up - let your voices be heard!
At the end of the day, the Executive Committee did not release any of the three bills - but we still have work to do!
Last week saw the first salvo fired by Bloomberg's allies at a so-called "Gun Violence Forum" in Wilmington. While the forum's sponsor touted the event as an "educational opportunity", it was nothing less than a Bloomberg inspired and funded anti-gun event whose sole purpose was to pave the way for the passage of last year's Gun Ban Trifecta, and perhaps other anti-gun, anti-freedom measures.
DO NOT BE FOOLED! The same folks who attempted to rob you of your property and freedom last year are poised to try again this year.
  • SB 68 - Semi-Auto Ban  - would outlaw thousands upon thousands of semi-auto rifles, pistols and shotguns owned by 10's of thousands of law-abiding Delawareans - including America's favorite rifle the Colt AR-15 and many pistols used by thousands of Delaware home-owners as home and personal defense firearms. Unlike SB 163, this bill contains a registration provision. The Synopsis of SB 68 is full of lies, half-truths and falsifications - all designed to make your Senators and Representatives believe that it is both necessary and constitutional. They know better. 
  •  SB 82 - The Permit to Purchase Bill  - not only requires a permit to purchase a firearm it also creates a 30 day waiting period, a buyer registration database and a firearm database for each and every firearm purchased - and many other draconian, unreasonable and unnecessary requirements - very similar to the system used in Connecticut.It is also discriminatory economically and socially. SB 82  is discriminatory. These permits and the process to get the permits are not free - they will adversely impact the poor who will thus be deprived of their right to defend themselves, their homes and their families - 
  •  SB 70 - The Ban on Standard Capacity Magazines limits magazine capacity to 15 rounds and contains a confiscation provision. Like SB 69, this bill will adversely impact the poor by rendering existing firearms useless by outlawing the standard capacity magazine that originally came with the firearm when legally sold to the buyer.  
SB 68 and SB 70  and SB 82
Contact the Senators on the Executive Committee today and politely ask them to keep these bills in committee - don't let them out!
   And then call YOUR Senator and YOUR Representative and tell them to support the Constitution, respect your rights and vote for freedom. Tell them to leave our rights, our freedom and our guns alone! 
Senator Harris B. McDowell (D) SD#1- 302-744-4286 -
Senator Catherine Cloutier (R) SD#5 - 302-744-4048
Senator Bryan Townsend (D) SD#11 - 302-744-4286
Senator Nichole Poore (D) SD#12 - 302-744-4286
Senator David B. McBride (D) SD#13 - 302-744-4286
Senator Gerald W. Hocker (R) SD#20 - 302-744-4048
You can locate your legislator at the General Assembly's main web page:
(Look in upper right corner of the page under "Who is My Legislator" 
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network
Look for this Action Alert Network to keep you informed as this issue progresses.  
This announcement is being provided to you as a public service to the members of our Action Alert Network

2020 New Anti Gun Battle Begins Again in Delaware & Virginia

New gun control measures will be on the table again in Delaware 2020 so we're in for another fight again in Dover so stay tuned on our Legislative section on the web site. Virginia is nationally "ground zero" for anti-gun movement. If they can succeed in Virginia then opens up the door for more sweeping anti-gun laws. The eyes of the whole country 2A supporters are watching Virginia, supporting them and contributing to Virginia Citizens Defense League (Virginia's pro gun State organization).

The Fight in Virginia

2019 Legislative Session ended in Dover June 30th 2019 only SB 107 passed

SB107: Passed Senate and House, waiting Gov. signature
This bill changes the standard of proof necessary to issue a civil gun relinquishment order from the Justice of the Peace Court. The preponderance of the evidence standard is the standard traditionally used in civil matters and is, therefore, appropriate here. This also makes the standard consistent with that required for a Lethal Violence Protective Order, which is highly similar in nature. 


2019 Legislative News - H. B. 63 - Firearms Storage Bill passed

Senate Approved H.B. 63 with amendments, Bill returns to House for concurrence of Amendments, House approved Admendments 
News Flash - HB 63 amended on April 12th -  much improvement from original bill language, waiting to hear the revised Bill acceptable to gun owners.
This Amendment removes the burden placed on a person to prove an affirmative defense and instead requires the State to prove all of the following apply: (1) A firearm was not stored in a locked box or container, disabled with a tamper-resistant trigger lock which was properly engaged so as to render the firearm inoperable by a person other than the owner or other lawfully-authorized user. (2) A firearm was not stored in a location which a reasonable person would have believed to be secure from access by an unauthorized person. (3) An unauthorized person did not obtain the firearm as the result of an unlawful entry by any person.
H.B. 63 Bill detail (original version) Amendments added April 12th 2019

Legislative News - under construction

Legislative News - under construction

D.S.S.A. and Delaware Gun Rights

Special Thanks to Delaware State Sportsmen's Association (D.S.S.A) and Delaware Gun Rights (D.G.R.) for their staunch support of our 2A Gun Rights. Please support these organizations by becoming a member or donating to those who support us.