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Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club

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New yearly calendar on home page that can be printed, just click on calendar

 No shot shells permitted on (Pistol/Rifle) Ranges #1, #2, # 4 and # 5. Designated shot shell pattern ranges is pattern board on Trap Range and Range # 3, equipped with ropes to hold target/patterning board.

NSC member replaced the rotten roof on Range # 4 - Thank you

Revised openings and other NSC Announcements


Social distancing and Face Coverings are recommended in group settings


All shooting on the 150 yard/200 yard bench on range # 5 only from the bench shooting through the concrete barricade. NO prone shooting & off hand shooting.









Range Improvements beginning end of June 2020

Range Improvements:
Safety Concerns have arose on (Rifle) Range # 5, especially 75 yard berm. Plans are to remove the 75 yard berm, utilize the dirt to raise and widen the 50 and 100 yard berms. NSC has seen increased range usage that Range # 4 (pistol) and 25 yard berm on Range # 3 will also receive face lifts.
This work is seriously needed to improve safety for our club and retain bullets inside the faces of berms and not flying off club grounds. Its every member and guest obligation to ensure every bullet fired will land inside the berm faces.

Steel Plate Targets on Range # 5 -

The steel plates and steel frames have been shot with un-approved ammo leaving large holes in the target frames. These new targets have been approved for members enjoyment and if rules are NOT followed the Steel Plates will be removed. Please read NSC range rules below on shooting the steel plates below.

8. N.S.C. Steel plates on Rifle Range # 5 are to be shot from rifle benches only. Caliber/Ammo restrictions on Steel plates on Rifle Range # 5 are as follows:

(1) The 50 yard rifle range steel plates are restricted to calibers .17/.22 rim fire rifle through .300 Blackout soft nose lead bullets.  

(2) The 75 yard and 100 yard steel plates are restricted to calibers .17/.22 rim fire rifle through .30 caliber soft nose lead bullets.

 (3) Restricted bottleneck rifle ammo; M1-Grand military M2 ball (30-06) steel core, 7.62x39 (AK) and 7.62x54R (Russian) military grade steel core bullets, all manufactures of caliber .223/5.56x45 M885/XM885 green tip bullets, Federal 5.56 NATO 62 grain Penetrator green tip, 7.62x51MM (308) penetrator tip, black tip/green tip/steel core military grade ammo, and all other rifle calibers of penetrator tip, black tip, green tip, red tip tracer and steel core metal case bullets not permitted on any steel plates. No Exceptions. (Special note) If magnet sticks to bullet its usually steel core.


Range # 3 - new concrete pad and benches completed, this finishes upgrading the Ranges for 2019

Action Pistol Steel Shoot Range closures

Action Pistol Steel Shoot event on 3rd Sunday, Ranges # 1, # 2 & # 3 will be closed 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon during event for safety


Range Update - new pistol range # 2 and range # 5 steel plates

New Pistol Range # 2 - in now open with 2 target frames and mud flap target hangers.

Range # 5 (Rifle) - new steel targets on 50 yard and 100 yard target berms. New safety signs posted on roof supports, steel targets to be shot from benches only, ammo restrictions on steel targets and new sitting benches. Steel target ammo restrictions can be found on web site main page top header under Range and Safety Rules.

*** always check 150/200 yard bench for Red Flag in case a member is down range.


New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

Member ranges from the Trap Range:

First pistol range is now Range # 1

Second pistol range is now Range # 2 

Small  Rifle Range with 3 new concrete benches is now Range # 3 (shot shells permitted)

Next Pistol Range is now Range # 4

Rifle Range from 50 yard to 200 yards is now Range # 5 






NSC Newsletters for 2020

NSC BOD and Membership approved Constant Contact E-mail hosting to improve communication with membership. This will allow NSC members to receive NSC News in a timely manner and announcing legislative alerts, work schedules improving club grounds/ranges.

New E-mailed newsletters has been sent to all members and if you have NOT receive any newsletters then we don't have your correct E-mail address. Send E=mail to with name and new E-mail address, note on subject line, NSC Newsletter


Do Not dipose of live ammo in burn barrels



2018 -2019 Range Improvements - 1st picture before improvements and following pictures after work completed

Pictures of finished berms from top to bottom
Older picture of 50 & 75 yard berms before work began
Range # 2 - 25 yard moved to align berms with benches
Rifle Range # 4 - 50 yard, 75 yard and 100 yard berm with new target boards
Action Pistol Bay # 4
Rifle Range # 4 - 200 yard berm with new target board

New Range and Safety Committee

Range and Safety Committee

New committee was formed at September Chapter meeting to review and revise NSC safety rules and provide range improvement recommendations to the BOD and membership.

.22 long rifle Steel Challenge - looks so fun (click on You Tube Links)