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Sunday Trap Range closed until this fall




Truck Mud Flaps

Members in the trucking industry, we can use the rubberized mud flaps off heavy trucks for backboards  used on Range # 2.  When visiting the club just dropped them off in front of the Trap building.

N.S.C. Dumpster

NSC BOD would like to remind members the dumpster is for Club use only not for personal trash. Just a reminder a security camera is pointed toward the dumpster area.

Trap Range Helpers

The Trap Committee is seeking additional volunteers to help run the Trap program on Wednesday evenings and second Sunday mornings.  Please visit Trap Range prior to dusk on Wednesday's evenings and ask for Steve.

More Guns Bills announced in DE General Assembly

New Bills Add to Growing List of Firearms Legislation
Add two more bills to the growing list of firearms-related legislation that is increasingly dominating the 149th Delaware General Assembly's 2018 legislative session.
Filed yesterday, House Bill 375 seeks to prohibit "the manufacture, sale, purchase, transfer, or delivery of large-capacity magazines." The legislation defines "high-capacity" as any magazine with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds of ammunition.
The proposed law would make possession of such magazines illegal "only if it occurs in a public place while in possession of a firearm capable of accepting it."
Sponsored by State Rep. John "Larry" Mitchell Jr., D-Elsmere, the bill would continue to allow possession of large-capacity magazines in non-public venues and shooting ranges.
Should the bill become law, first-time violators would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor with subsequent offenses designated as a class G felony.
Rep. Mitchell sponsored a nearly identical bill in March 2013, following the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School that took place the previous December.  That bill was not brought up for a vote, even though the House of Representatives' two highest-ranking leaders were co-sponsors of the legislation.  Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, D-Bear are also co-prime sponsors of the latest incarnation of the bill.
During previous public debate of the legislation, many gun owners objected to the arbitrary nature of the 10-round limit.  Among other things, they noted that many conventional handguns and rifles are manufactured with standard magazines already exceeding the "high capacity" threshold.
The second measure introduced Thursday would amend existing law, creating the new crime of "unsafe storage of a firearm."
Under House Bill 366 sponsored by Rep. Sean Lynn, D-West Dover, a person could be charged if he or she intentionally or recklessly stored or left a loaded firearm within easy access of a minor or someone barred by state or federal law from owning or possessing a firearm.
Offenders would face a class B misdemeanor.  The crime would rise to a class A misdemeanor if the acquired weapon was used to commit a crime, perpetrate violence, or was transferred to another unauthorized person.
The proposed statute includes exemptions for antique weapons (manufactured before 1900) and authentic reproductions of such firearms.
Both bills are pending action in the House Judiciary Committee.
Multiple firearms-related bills were already in the legislative pipeline prior to Thursday's filings. Those measures include proposals to increase the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms and ammunition; ban specific semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns; and confiscate bump-stock and trigger crank devices without compensation to the owners.
The General Assembly returns from their Easter break next week and resumes

Pro Gun Rally opposing Anti-Gun Legislation on the green in Dover on Saturday April 14th from 2-5 with nationally known speakers including Dick Heller. This is part of a nationwide rally taking place at each state capitol.  Women and young people are greatly encouraged to attend. 

There is also a desire to have as large a presence as possible at Legislative Hall on the 18th starting at 10 A.M. and some groups are also planning to be there on the 19th. 
More info on Saturday’s Rally:
Delaware Second Amendment Rally! 

This will be a peaceful protest of proposed unconstitutional Delaware legislation. Bring signs and Patriot flags! 

Guest speakers include: 

Kaya Jones - President Donald J. Trump Adviser, National Diversity Coalition. Former Pussycat Doll artist. 

Dick Heller, DC v. Heller (2008) - Second Amendment US Supreme Court Decision. 

Tyler Yzaguirre - President and Founder of the Second Amendment Institute, Washington Examiner 

Diante Johnson -President and Founder of the Black Conservative Foundation 

Donyale Hall -Candidate for Delaware State Senate 17th District 

Mack Marker - YouTube Channel host


Champion Sponsorship 
Second Amendment Institute 
9-12 Delaware Patriots

Patriot Sponsorship:
Gene Truono for US Senate
David Anderson

Table Sponsorship:
Conservative Caucus of Delaware 
X-Ring Supply LLC 
Delaware State Sportsmen's Association 
Delaware Institute on the Constitution

NRA & D.S.S.A. host Town Hall Meeting of pending Gun Bills

NRA and Delaware State Sportsmen Association (D.S.S.A.) are hosting Town Hall Meetings in all Delaware's 3 counties to defeat current Gun Bills in Dover Legislature.

Sussex County Town Hall is Friday April 13, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM -  14 Manor House Route 9 Lewes, DE 19958

Please see link below from D.S.S.A. web site, participation of pro-gunners is needed to defeat these Bills.

Range # 2 Target Posts Completed

Range # 2 now ready for shooting activity; Rope and cardboard set up for 25 yard berm. We trying something new on 50 and 100 yard berms, using mud flaps for backboards instead of the hangers/cardboard. The mud flaps are rubber and will take staples to place targets. The seats on the metal shooting benches were also replaced to make it easier to get in and out of the benches.

Delaware's New Gun Control Measures

Please visit "Home" page, articles below N.S.C. slide show pictures

Trap Range re-opens Sundays

Trap Range resumes its second Sunday Trap program beginning Sunday March 11, 2018, opens @ 9:00 AM

February 2018 Newsletter

Pictures of finished berms from top to bottom
Older picture of 50 & 75 yard berms before work began
Range # 2 - 25 yard moved to align berms with benches
Rifle Range # 4 - 50 yard, 75 yard and 100 yard berm with new target boards
Action Pistol Bay # 4
Rifle Range # 4 - 200 yard berm with new target board
We appreciate member’s patience over the last week during the construction phase of adding new Action Pistol Bay # 4 and rebuilding Range Berms. We agree it was a great expense approved by the BOD and membership, the condition of the berms created a safety issue for members, guests and neighbors so the work had to be completed that was long overdue.
We appreciate the nearly 20 members who answered the E-mail who volunteered their time on short notice to help prepare the Club for this project. The effort was the largest in memory and without your help we would have not been ready for the dirt’s arrival on Monday, Thank You. Member’s contribution not only saves the Club money, also serves an opportunity for members to meet other members sharing common interests of shooting and making N.S.C. much better club for all to share.
N.S.C. thanks those members who donated much needed utility trailer, chain saw and plywood for the ranges. The donations couldn’t have happen at a better time as we got so much use out of the all the donations.
We also want to thank N.S.C. members; Kenna Nethken owner of Cut’em Up Tree Care for their dedication cutting all the large trees on the range berms, opening up the ranges and trimming the trees in front of the Club House. N.S.C. member Dean Stoakley of S & E General Contracting for all of their outstanding work dealing with miserable weather conditions most of the week adding new Action Pistol Bay and rebuilding Range Berms including cleaning up the ranges with his equipment.
Now the project is complete, all the member ranges are open except for Member Range # 2 (rifle range with the 2 metal benches) which will be completed within the next few weeks.
As you can see in the attach pictures; member range # 4 (rifle) has new posts and plywood, the posts and plywood backboard edges are painted orange so you can see them from the range benches. The upright 4x4 target posts are off-set 1 foot from the plywood to withstand bullet damage. So Please place your targets on the plywood on the inside of the orange lines so not to shoot the 2x4 cross hangers. Do not place targets on or against the 4x4 target posts. We hope with member/guests cooperation we'll only have to replace the plywood on the target posts in the future.  
Ranges # 1 and # 3 (pistol) new posts with rope, posts painted orange so don’t place targets on or against the posts. The new set up for the ropes, the right post rope is tied in a knot, if the rope breaks, there is enough length on the left post to pull through to the right post. Just unwrapped the rope, re-tie a knot on the right post and tie off the left post. If members run out of rope or if rope shot up beyond use notify the Range Committee as we have extra rope on site for replacement. New cardboard attached to new style hangers can be found under the range tables on range # 1 and # 3 (pistol) ranges.
Range # 2 (small rifle range with metal benches) we’re letting the range dry out, we’ll add new  posts and rope set up the next few weeks.  We plan to replace the seats on the metal benches so they are easier to get in and out of for members.  A new bench will be added to the 25 yard berm too.
We have other additional  improvement projects planned for the ranges over the next 2 months that should not cause any range interruption so always check our web site NSC News and calendar before planning an outing.
While we were working on all the ranges noticed too many shotgun "shot shells" hulls on ranges that have always been off limits including the Action Pistol Steel range. N.S.C. would like to remind members "shot shells" are only permitted on Trap Range, patterning board and Range # 2.  This is in the new Range & Safety Rules adopted end of 2017 on the web site.
Looking ahead we’re planning additional volunteer work days early March so stay tune for further announcements.  The offering of either a week day and Saturday was successful last week which allows members to choose a day that best fits their schedules.

Member Ranges now open February 3rd

Member ranges # 1 (pistol), # 3 (pistol) & # 4 (rifle) open

Member Range # 2 closed, still under construction

Member Ranges closed Monday February 5th 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon to finish up construction

Work day scheduled for Monday January 29th has been cancelled.
We would like to thank the nearly 20 NSC members who came out to help us  Friday and Saturday to cut trees and prep the ranges for next weeks arrival of dirt to rebuild the range berms. This was an opportunity for members to meet other members and also help to improve NSC for all members enjoyment.
NSC web site (NSC News) and calendar has been updated of range closures beginning Thursday Jan. 26 through February 3rd for Ranges # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4 and Steel Range.  In Door Range, Police Range, Trap Range and Archery Range will not be effected. We'll post updates on this Web Site of further notifications when ranges will be available for shooting for any unseen delays.


Member Ranges Interruptions starting Thursday Jan. 25 - Fri. Feb. 2

Ranges # 1, # 2, # 3 , # 4 and Steel Range will be closed from Monday Jan. 29th through Feb. 3.

In Door Range, Police Range and Trap Range will not be affected.

Wednesday Night Trap Shooting

Due to resent snow and severe cold weather this winter please check N.S.C. Calendar for possible weather related closures due to colder than normal temps to operate trap range.

Sunday Trap program is closed for January and February

January 2018 Range Improvement Summary

We want thank and recognize N.S.C. member Kenna owner of Cut’em Up Tree Care of Delaware for outstanding job cutting and trimming trees to improve our ranges. Shooters will enjoy the wider shooting lanes and open target berms.

Range improvements completed and scheduled for January 2018.

Range # 4 (long range rifle range) shooting lanes/berms opened from 100 yard to 200 yard berm.

Range # 2 (little rifle range 2 metal tables) shooting lanes/berms opened from 25 yard range to 100 yard range berm.

Range # 3 (pistol) trees removed on right side berm to rebuild the berms and move 25 yard berm on range # 2 adjacent to pistol range berm to widen range # 2 and place shooting benches in front of new 25 yard berm and 50/100 yard berms.

Member ranges # 2 (little rifle range metal table), # 3 (pistol) and # 4 (long range rifle range) berms will be raised and widen with fresh dirt.

New action pistol range (bay # 4) will finally be finished as well a fresh dirt added to other three action pistol ranges. 

Prior to dirt arriving target posts, plywood and ropes will be removed for easier access to berms by machine operator. We anticipate rebuilding the berms could take 3 to 5 days to complete then rebuilding target posts/plywood/ropes back to normal another few days. The rotten posts and shot up posts/plywood will be replaced with all new wood too.

While January is the best month to undertake this major project there will be major member range interruptions so please visit NSC News and Calendar prior to visiting N.S.C. for further updates. The Police Range, In Door Pistol Range and Trap Range schedules will not be affected.

Member Range Closures for Tree Cutting

Sorry for late notification but due to warm weather tree cutting planned for early January will begin Tuesday December 19 through Thursday December 21 from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.  on member ranges # 2, # 3 & # 4 ( small rifle range to the 50/100/200 yard range)

First pistol range # 1 will be open as well as Wednesday Night Trap.

Range Improvements approved by BOD & Membership

BOD and Membership approved the purchase of 50 plus truck loads of dirt for range berm repair/maintenance to begin January 2018.

BOD and Membership also approved further tree cutting in Range # 4 (Rifle Range) from 100 yard to 200 yard range to finish completing tree maintenance that began earlier this year on the 50/100 yard ranges. Further tree cutting was also approved on Range # 2 to clear range lanes and berms for dirt back fill   repairs and widen 25 yard berm to allow for another pistol range.

Range closures will be announced when work is scheduled on NSC News and Calendar


BOD Elections

Please visit Contact page for newly elected Officers for 2018

Holloween Walk Black Powder Shoot Sponsors

Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club Black Powder Shooters hosted their annual Halloween Range Walk shoot early November. We all want to thank our generous Sponsors for the event's success:

Lankford's Gun Shop

Blades, DE.

Gun Shooters Enterprises

Millsboro, DE.

Bethel Store

Bethel, DE.

Without these Sponsors, we would not have had event prizes, and highly encourage our members when visiting these business's, thank them for their generous donations and support their business's. 

New Range and Safety Rules

The BOD and Membership approved and adopted new Range and Safety Rules at November 14, 2017 N.S.C. meeting. A copy will be mailed to members with membership dues. Please visit Ranges and Safety Rules link on top header for copy of new range and safety rules and other important Range information.  New signs reflecting the changes will be posted on the ranges in early 2018.

Shotgun Patterning with Shotshells

Shotgun Patterning

In addition to Shotgun Shotshell Pattering Board on Trap Range. Shotgun Patterning with shot shells is now permitted on Ranges 2 with ropes to hold patterning paper.  No shot shells are permitted on Range # 1, # 3 (Pistol) and # 4 (Rifle Long Range). The “No Shot Shells beyond this point “sign will be moved to Range # 3.  

New Range and Safety Committee

Range and Safety Committee

New committee was formed at September Chapter meeting to review and revise NSC safety rules and provide range improvement recommendations to the BOD and membership.

New Cardboard Hangers for Ranges

New cardboard hangers on Ranges #1, # 2 and # 3 can be found on the target ropes and attached to cardboard under the range tables. You can staple cardboard to the hangers for targets. These are much lighter and won't cause stress on the target ropes breaking the lines. The broken lines were repaired and heavier home made target frames removed. So please use club provided cardboard and hangers for targets.


New Member Range Numbers

New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

Member ranges north from the Trap Range:

First pistol range is now Range # 1

Small Rifle Range with steel benches is now Range # 2 (shot shells permitted)

Next Pistol Range is now Range # 3

Rifle Range from 50 yard to 200 yards is now Range # 4 

 *** New signs are planned for range changes.


Opens Mondays, beginning November 6, 2017,  Please view Club calendar for schedule.

NSC August Newsletter


Special points of interest: 

New Steel Target Plates for Rifle Range    The Board and membership approved new steel plate targets for the rifle range to add more shooting enjoyment. NSC purchased AR500 steel plates for the 50, 75 and 100 yard ranges. For the 50 yard range, a 10", 6" and 3" plates will be anchored left side of target backboards, a 10" plate for the 75 yard range and  3", 6" and 10" plate the 100 yard range. Another reason for the clearing the tree growth on the rifle ranges to position the frames and adding additional tires around the frames. While the project is still work in progress will notify membership prior to completion as shooting the steel plates will require ammo restriction of military grade type rifle ammo. 


NSC Work Days for Fall:

We're organizing member volunteers who are retired or have flexible schedules to help with routine maintenance on NSC grounds. We would like to complete these projects this fall so members can continually enjoy the ranges prior to hunting seasons.   NSC would like to remind Associate members of required 20 work hours per year membership requirement. Your volunteering for this work party will be recorded and submitted to membership secretary for credit.  In order to benefit most member’s schedules, please E-mail me your name, day’s most convenient to volunteer so we can schedule the work party and tools and/or utility trailer you're able to contribute. We're thinking of starting early in the mornings when it’s much cooler for everyone.    Please E-mail Steve Myers at notate on Subject line "NSC Work Day" so we can schedule the work days to benefit all volunteers. I'll notify members scheduling work days by Email. 


Nanticoke Sportsmen’s Club New Members:

Charles Allen
Robert  Harmon
Eric Hughes
Martin J. Cosgrove Jr.
Andy Wright
Tyriek Merritt
David Lankford

Richard Taylor
Theodore Dublanyk
Artie Uhlich
Dwayne Kilgo
Cheryl Nazario
William Martin 


Website and calendar:

NSC would like to remind members to check the Web Site ( and Calendar on the top header for new updates and activities scheduled on any given day prior to planning a shooting outing. On the web site’s main page under "Recent News" notices of range use by guards, maintenance or special events will be posted.  If members request an activity to be added to the web site please follow these new procedures for changes to the web site and calendar.  Further information and additional contacts will be posted on NSC web site.   Web Site and Calendar:  E-mail Nick Mitchell note in subject line "NSC web site and calendar" 

NSC Calendar:  Steve Myers  MDL12SKEET@AOL.COM  note in subject line "NSC calendar" 


Utility Trailer:

NSC interested if members have a functional utility trailer  that they no longer need for maintenance use on the club grounds. NSC can provide a tax deductible donation receipt for tax purposes. Please contact 

Cardboard for Pistol and Metal Bench Rifle Ranges:

The wood backboards have been removed and replaced with ropes to attach cardboard on top and bottom of rope by metal clips. Cardboard is stored under the covered ranges table tops on the pistol ranges. Please remove targets and return card board to storage box under the pistol table tops so they are protected from the weather 


Conceal Carry Courses:

Scott Taylor, NSC member and owner of Delaware Tactical is offering Delaware required Conceal Carry courses in the NSC club house. The courses are free to NSC members and fee based for non-members. Please visit for additional information and course schedules.  


Action Pistol 4th Shooting Lane:

We are actively trying to open a 4th shooting lane at our Steel Challenge range and we need some donations, not what you would think, we need dirt and lots of it, 50 dump truck loads, we have members that have graciously donated their time and trucks to pick it up, we just need you to let us know how much you have lying around so we can build berms and create a safe shooting lane for our Steel Challenge events, call David Elliott or email today 302-448-1113 or info @


Member Email address's:

Please notify NSC of any email addresses changes so you can receive NSC newsletters and updates.  Please email Sarah Swafford at note subject line “Your name and NSC Email address change”


NSC Trap Range:

The Trap Range is now throwing new White Flyer fluorescent green targets on Wednesday evenings. These targets are very bright under the lights, such a new treat to break them. Just a reminder the Trap Range is open to the public so bring your family and friends and instruction is available for novice shooters.   For any additional information on NSC Trap Program or joining NSC Trap Committee.  

Need Dirt

We are actively trying to open a 4th shooting lane at our Steel Challenge range and we need some donations, not what you would think, we need dirt and lots of it, 50 dump truck loads, we have members that have graciously donated their time and trucks to pick it up, we just need you to let us know how much you have lying around so we can build berms and create a safe shooting lane for our Steel Challenge events, call or email today 302-448-1113 or info @

New Associate Member Openings

Last month we voted to allow 30 more associate membership openings, more room for more great people. Apply today. We were getting down to only a few slots open and the membership has voted to approve 20 more slots to allow more members in. Now is the time to get into the NSC the best kept secret in Sussex County.

New Gate now Open...and now New Membership Cards

We are now using the Electronic sliding gate, and because of this we have issued new membership cards that will open the gate when placed on or near the pedestal at the en-trance. These new cards will be permanent and will not be replaced each year. If you lose your card it will be a $10 fee for replacement. If you have not picked up your card please contact David Elliott at the next Club Meeting.



ATTENTION Bi-Laws Change


Notice to all members: At the December meeting, we approved to amend the bi-laws to exempt club members' children from the 3 visit limit regardless of age to encourage more family time. They must still be accompanied by a club member and fill-out a visitor form located in the black mailboxes at the gate, but there will be no limit on the number of visits.