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Volunteers still needed to finish Range # 5 roof & benches

We hope to finish Range # 5 roof and benches the month of June, scheduled work days to be announced 

If you can bring these tools/equipment, it would help to make the job go faster; ladders, saws, drills and generators.

NSC appreciates many members building range # 5 roof and other range improvements Saturday June 8th

New member range numbers and Police Range dedicated to past NSC member "Beannie"

New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

Member ranges from the Trap Range:

First pistol range is now Range # 1

Second pistol range is now Range # 2 

Small Rifle Range with steel benches is now Range # 3 (shot shells permitted)

Next Pistol Range is now Range # 4

Rifle Range from 50 yard to 200 yards is now Range # 5 






New ** See web site top new header for legislative alerts & 2A news section

Due to such an active year with Anti-Gun legislation;; new legislative section added to top header of web site, just click on it to open new legislation section


*** NEW *** Printable copy of Range Rules - visit Range & Safety Rules on top header, click on title for copy to print


NSC Dirt Update

NSC received 83 truck loads of FREE dirt this week that will finish new pistol range that will be designated Range # 2 when finished early June. Additional berm work to improve safety on range # 2 100 yard berm for Action Pistol Range and right side of the Police Range. The remaining piles of dirt will be stored for future re-furbishing exisiting berms.

Range # 2 and Range # 4 update

While dismantling the 50 yard roof, the roof fell on the bench tables and crushed the tops and block. Their was a nest of snakes living in the concrete block so the rest block was removed. Sorry for the mishap and loss of Range # 4 - 50 yard benches, the benches will be rebuilt early May. The 100 yard range is fine and those members needing a 50 yard range can use Range # 2.

Range # 2 - 100 yard berm is target frame is down and will be erected soon, the 25 and 50 yard berms on Range # 2 are open for shooting.


NSC Newsletters for 2019

NSC BOD and Membership approved Constant Contact E-mail hosting to improve communication with membership. This will allow NSC members to receive NSC News in a timely manner and announcing legislative alerts, work schedules improving club grounds/ranges.

New E-mailed newsletters has been sent to all members and if you have NOT receive any newsletters then we don't have your correct E-mail address. Send E=mail to with name and new E-mail address, note on subject line, NSC Newsletter


Do Not dipose of live ammo in burn barrels



NSC News - Range News

New Member Pistol Range

NSC is adding a new pistol range on the right side of Range # 2, this range will be wider than range # 1 & # 2. The berm walls have been  is completed, adding telephone poles on base of berms and then target posts and mud flap will be installed. 



Truck Mud Flaps

Members in the trucking industry, we can use the rubberized mud flaps off heavy trucks for backboards.  When visiting the club just dropped them off in front of the Trap building.







NSC News - New Range and Safety Rules

New Range and Safety Rules (see link on top header of web site)

The BOD and Membership approved and adopted new Range and Safety Rules at November 14, 2017 N.S.C. meeting. A copy will be mailed to members with membership dues. Please visit Ranges and Safety Rules link on top header for copy of new range and safety rules and other important Range information.  New signs reflecting the changes will be posted on the ranges in early 2018.

Shotgun Patterning with Shotshells Range Rules

Shotgun Patterning

In addition to Shotgun Shotshell Pattering Board on Trap Range. Shotgun Patterning with shot shells is now permitted on Ranges 2 with ropes to hold patterning paper.  No shot shells are permitted on Range # 1, # 3 (Pistol) and # 4 (Rifle Long Range). The “No Shot Shells beyond this point “sign will be moved to Range # 3.  

NSC news - under construction

NSC News - under construction

2018 Range Improvements - 1st picture before improvements and following pictures after work completed

Pictures of finished berms from top to bottom
Older picture of 50 & 75 yard berms before work began
Range # 2 - 25 yard moved to align berms with benches
Rifle Range # 4 - 50 yard, 75 yard and 100 yard berm with new target boards
Action Pistol Bay # 4
Rifle Range # 4 - 200 yard berm with new target board

NSC News under construction

NSc News - under construction

New Range and Safety Committee

Range and Safety Committee

New committee was formed at September Chapter meeting to review and revise NSC safety rules and provide range improvement recommendations to the BOD and membership.

June volunteer work schedule & Range # 5 closed on work days

June volunteer work schedule will be posted on NSC News and NSC Newsletter
Ranges # 1, # 3 and # 4 open while working on Range # 5 on work days