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Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club

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2019 NSC membership dues are being processed

NSC Calendar

We're updating NSC calendar for 2019; seems the event title is NOT displayed on calendar day just the time so need to click on the time for event title. This might be a G-mail issue who hosts the NSC calendar.

New Member Pistol Range

NSC is adding a new pistol range on the right side of Range # 2. The left berm wall is completed, more free dirt is to be delivered to finish target berm. The new range should be completed early 2019 and will be the same size as Range # 1 with a berm separating the range from rifle benches on Range # 2.

Truck Mud Flaps

Members in the trucking industry, we can use the rubberized mud flaps off heavy trucks for backboards  used on Range # 2.  When visiting the club just dropped them off in front of the Trap building.

Trap Range Helpers

The Trap Committee is seeking additional volunteers to help run the Trap program on Wednesday evenings.  Please visit Trap Range prior to dusk on Wednesday's evenings and ask for Lou.

New Range numbers (signs posted on ranges)


New Range Designation for future activities or maintenance to improve communication with members.

Member ranges north from the Trap Range:

First pistol range is now Range # 1

Small Rifle Range with steel benches is now Range # 2 (shot shells permitted)

Next Pistol Range is now Range # 3

Rifle Range from 50 yard to 200 yards is now Range # 4 


Range # 2 now ready for shooting activity; Rope and cardboard set up for 25 yard berm. We trying something new on 50 and 100 yard berms, using mud flaps for backboards instead of the hangers/cardboard. The mud flaps are rubber and will take staples to place targets. The seats on the metal shooting benches were also replaced to make it easier to get in and out of the benches.



2018 Range Improvements

Pictures of finished berms from top to bottom
Older picture of 50 & 75 yard berms before work began
Range # 2 - 25 yard moved to align berms with benches
Rifle Range # 4 - 50 yard, 75 yard and 100 yard berm with new target boards
Action Pistol Bay # 4
Rifle Range # 4 - 200 yard berm with new target board
We appreciate member’s patience over the last week during the construction phase of adding new Action Pistol Bay # 4 and rebuilding Range Berms. We agree it was a great expense approved by the BOD and membership, the condition of the berms created a safety issue for members, guests and neighbors so the work had to be completed that was long overdue.
We appreciate the nearly 20 members who answered the E-mail who volunteered their time on short notice to help prepare the Club for this project. The effort was the largest in memory and without your help we would have not been ready for the dirt’s arrival on Monday, Thank You. Member’s contribution not only saves the Club money, also serves an opportunity for members to meet other members sharing common interests of shooting and making N.S.C. much better club for all to share.
N.S.C. thanks those members who donated much needed utility trailer, chain saw and plywood for the ranges. The donations couldn’t have happen at a better time as we got so much use out of the all the donations.
We also want to thank N.S.C. members; Kenna Nethken owner of Cut’em Up Tree Care for their dedication cutting all the large trees on the range berms, opening up the ranges and trimming the trees in front of the Club House. N.S.C. member Dean Stoakley of S & E General Contracting for all of their outstanding work dealing with miserable weather conditions most of the week adding new Action Pistol Bay and rebuilding Range Berms including cleaning up the ranges with his equipment.
Now the project is complete, all the member ranges are open except for Member Range # 2 (rifle range with the 2 metal benches) which will be completed within the next few weeks.
As you can see in the attach pictures; member range # 4 (rifle) has new posts and plywood, the posts and plywood backboard edges are painted orange so you can see them from the range benches. The upright 4x4 target posts are off-set 1 foot from the plywood to withstand bullet damage. So Please place your targets on the plywood on the inside of the orange lines so not to shoot the 2x4 cross hangers. Do not place targets on or against the 4x4 target posts. We hope with member/guests cooperation we'll only have to replace the plywood on the target posts in the future.  
Ranges # 1 and # 3 (pistol) new posts with rope, posts painted orange so don’t place targets on or against the posts. The new set up for the ropes, the right post rope is tied in a knot, if the rope breaks, there is enough length on the left post to pull through to the right post. Just unwrapped the rope, re-tie a knot on the right post and tie off the left post. If members run out of rope or if rope shot up beyond use notify the Range Committee as we have extra rope on site for replacement. New cardboard attached to new style hangers can be found under the range tables on range # 1 and # 3 (pistol) ranges.
Range # 2 (small rifle range with metal benches) we’re letting the range dry out, we’ll add new  posts and rope set up the next few weeks.  We plan to replace the seats on the metal benches so they are easier to get in and out of for members.  A new bench will be added to the 25 yard berm too.
We have other additional  improvement projects planned for the ranges over the next 2 months that should not cause any range interruption so always check our web site NSC News and calendar before planning an outing.
While we were working on all the ranges noticed too many shotgun "shot shells" hulls on ranges that have always been off limits including the Action Pistol Steel range. N.S.C. would like to remind members "shot shells" are only permitted on Trap Range, patterning board and Range # 2.  This is in the new Range & Safety Rules adopted end of 2017 on the web site.
Looking ahead we’re planning additional volunteer work days early March so stay tune for further announcements.  The offering of either a week day and Saturday was successful last week which allows members to choose a day that best fits their schedules.

New Range and Safety Rules (see link on top header of web site)

The BOD and Membership approved and adopted new Range and Safety Rules at November 14, 2017 N.S.C. meeting. A copy will be mailed to members with membership dues. Please visit Ranges and Safety Rules link on top header for copy of new range and safety rules and other important Range information.  New signs reflecting the changes will be posted on the ranges in early 2018.

Shotgun Patterning with Shotshells Range Rules

Shotgun Patterning

In addition to Shotgun Shotshell Pattering Board on Trap Range. Shotgun Patterning with shot shells is now permitted on Ranges 2 with ropes to hold patterning paper.  No shot shells are permitted on Range # 1, # 3 (Pistol) and # 4 (Rifle Long Range). The “No Shot Shells beyond this point “sign will be moved to Range # 3.  

New Range and Safety Committee

Range and Safety Committee

New committee was formed at September Chapter meeting to review and revise NSC safety rules and provide range improvement recommendations to the BOD and membership.

New Cardboard Hangers for Ranges

New cardboard hangers on Ranges #1, # 2 and # 3 can be found on the target ropes and attached to cardboard under the range tables. You can staple cardboard to the hangers for targets. These are much lighter and won't cause stress on the target ropes breaking the lines. The broken lines were repaired and heavier home made target frames removed. So please use club provided cardboard and hangers for targets.